Scholars Program

The One Voice Robert W. Sanderson Scholars Program begun in 1990 makes it possible for low income students to attend wonderful colleges on scholarships provided by the colleges themselves. 100% of One Voice Scholars gain admission to college and an impressive 95% graduate from college. This statistic stands in stark contrast to the less than 11% graduation rate nationwide for low income, first generation students. Over 30% of our students go on to graduate school where they earn higher degrees. One Voice alumni include physicians, attorneys, scientists, engineers, artists and educators.

How Our Program Works

Our Scholars Program prepares and places low income inner city Los Angeles high school students in colleges throughout the United States. Starting in the 11th grade, we work with teachers and counselors from a number of inner city high schools to select approximately 25 students who will become a part of our program each year. We work with these students over the next 5 years to help place them and then support them in their journey through college. Our program is the first of its kind to carefully monitor and follow students all the way through their undergraduate and graduate school careers.

Our scholars come from exceedingly impoverished backgrounds and live in neighborhoods ridden with gangs, drugs, violence and failure. They are often the first in their families to attend college and with our help, they see their dreams come true by attending the finest colleges in the nation. We provide one-on-one counseling services to each student to help them select and then apply to colleges best suited for them. Each of our students receives the following services on a personal basis without any cost to the student:

  • Professional college advisement
  • Personal counseling
  • SAT preparation courses
  • College essay instruction and tutoring
  • Application and test fees
  • Parent Counseling

As needed:

  • Airfare and transportation
  • Books, supplies and miscellaneous fees
  • Clothing and personal items
  • Health care and insurance
  • Emergency expenses

Why the program works

We believe our continual guidance and emotional support are the keys to our Scholars’ outstanding success. We help students coming from South Central Los Angeles going to schools such as Brown, Yale and Amherst make all the necessary adjustments, from buying warm jackets to integrating into campus life.

With our help, our Scholars enroll and succeed in colleges they never would have known about or been able to attend. Because of our tremendous success rate, over 30 of the finest colleges come to our offices to recruit our students. The amount of scholarship money awarded from the colleges to our students now totals over $16,000,000. Every dollar contributed to the One Voice College Scholars Program yields over $5 in scholarship funds.