Family Assistance Programs

Emergency Relief Program

Our Emergency Relief and Family Program provides immediate intervention and relief services to low income families in crisis situations. We work with a number of delegate Head Start agencies (federally funded preschool programs overseeing 8,000 poverty level families in the Los Angeles area) who make direct referrals to us identifying families who are in critical need.

Our program provides food, payment of rent and utilities, medical expenses, clothing and shoes, funeral expenses and necessary resources. Often we have intervened to provide food to families and children who have not eaten for days, turned on gas and electricity for people living without them, and paid rent in order to keep families from becoming homeless.

The goal of this program is to help families manage a specific crisis and help them get back on their feet. We provide immediate crisis intervention with no red-tape so families can emerge from a period of hardship and regain their independence.

Clothing and Furniture Program

Our Clothing and Furniture Program provides used clothing, furniture, appliances and household goods to low income families living in our community. Clothing and furniture are donated to our program and then delivered directly to families in need. We do not refurbish or sell anything that is donated. This program provides a direct avenue of community support where useful goods can be given to enrich and improve the quality of life for families struggling in poverty.

Schools Program

The Schools Program offers an opportunity for children attending private schools from the elementary to high school level, to adopt low income families and Head Start Centers and become involved in face-to-face activities in order to reach out to children and families in need.

During the year, the students invite the children and parents from their “adopted” preschools to their schools for holiday celebrations, picnics and joint field trips. The students also raise money to purchase holiday gifts and necessities for the families such as clothing, bedding and appliances.

Summer Camp Program

The One Voice Summer Camp Program provides low income youth who have never been away from home or on a vacation, with a one week summer camp experience at a YMCA camp or UCLA Unicamp located in the mountains surrounding Los Angeles.

For many of the children living in our inner cities, the chance to experience nature, sit by camp fires, walk in the woods and be able to experience the joys of overnight camping simply are not possible. Each child participating in our Summer Camp Program is provided with all the necessary clothing, equipment and sleeping bags for their week at camp.